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Myanmar: Creating Economic Opportunity in a Nexus of Political and Social Upheaval

January 23, 2015  Host: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Speaker: Stephen P. Groff, Vice President, Asian Development Bank Endowed with a wealth of natural resources, surrounded by affluent neighbors, and now emerging from political and economic isolation, Myanmar (also known … Continue reading

23. January 2015 by Will Houstoun
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Among Differing Perspectives, can a Strategic Partnership Flourish?

July 30, 2014 Host: The East-West Center Speakers: Dr. Dinshaw Mistry, Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati Dr. Stephen Cohen, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution In the early 2000’s, as scholars and policymakers watched development come quickly to East Asia, there was … Continue reading

31. July 2014 by Will Houstoun
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Where Journalism Undermines Democracy

May 1, 2014 Host: The New America Foundation Event: Reporting in Pakistan Speakers: Ms. Kati Marton, Author and Journalist, New America Foundation Mr. Raza Rumi, Analyst, Express News Mr. Joel Simon, Executive Director, Committee to Protect Journalists For decades now, … Continue reading

02. May 2014 by Will Houstoun
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