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News, opinion, and analysis from some of the world’s most prominent think tanks We are on hiatus. While we are still dedicated to aggregating, synthesizing and producing high-quality foreign policy-related materials, work and personal obligations have left us unable to continue updating … Continue reading

01. April 2015 by Will Houstoun
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Understanding & Overcoming the Roots of Sectarianism

October 28, 2014 (This is the second entrance in a 4 part series hosted by the Stimson Center) (The first entrance in the series : “Explaining Violence in the Middle East” may be read here)  Speakers: Dr.Dwight Bashir, Deputy Director for Policy and Research, … Continue reading

29. October 2014 by Will Houstoun
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The Marriage of Religion and Politics in Pakistan

April 14, 2014  Host: The Atlantic Council Event: Rising Political Islam in Pakistan: Causes and Consequences Speakers: Amb. Husain Haqqani, Director, South and Central Asia Program, Hudson Institute Dr. Haroon Ullah, Policy Planning Staff, U.S. Department of State Religion has … Continue reading

15. April 2014 by Will Houstoun
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